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Brands & Products We Currently Stock


COVID-19 Pandemic Shop Update: Thursday 26th March 2020

The product list below is what we normally tend to hold stock of in our bricks and mortar store.

Please be aware that during this difficult time, stocks of these products may vary depending on how easily we can source items from our distributors.

We thank you for your continued custom and patience at the unprecedented time.

Please contact Charlie on 07525 662888 or via email to place an order for collection or for delivery (£10 minimum spend) for those self-isolating.


Foods & Beverages

Café Direct

Matchu Pitchu (Strength 4) – Coffee Beans

Expresso Blend (Strength 5) – Coffee Beans

Matchu Pitchu (Strength 4) – Ground Coffee

Lively Blend (Strength 4) – Ground Coffee (same blend as expresso)

Matchu Pitchu Instant Coffee


Clipper Teas

Blue Label Organic Instant Coffee

Green Label Organic Decaf Instant Coffee


Instant Drinking Chocolate (add water)

Super Cosy Hot Chocolate (add milk)


English Breakfast Tea – 80 bags

English Breakfast Tea – 40 bags

Everyday Organic Tea – 80 bags

Red Bush Tea – 80 bags

Red Bush Tea – 40 bags

Red Bush Tea – 25 bags

Earl Grey Tea – 80 bags

Earl Grey Tea – 50 bags

Earl Grey Decaf Tea – 40 bags

Decaf Tea – 80 bags

Decaf Tea – 40 bags

Green Tea Loose

Assam Tea Loose

English Breakfast Loose

Snore & Peace Tea


Heath & Heather

Sage & Lemon Myrtle Tea

Rosehip Tea

Morning Time Tea

Night Time Tea

Nettle Tea

Green Tea

Camomile Tea

Raspberry Leaf Tea


Hampstead Tea

Camomile Tea

Fennel & Liquorice Tea

Lemon & Ginger Tea

Peppermint & Spearmint Tea


Dragonfly Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Pure Peppermint Tea

Indian Spice Chai Tea

Swirling Mist White Tea


Taka Turmeric

Lemon & Ginger Turmeric Tea

Hibiscus & Cinnamon Turmeric Tea

Masala Chai Turmeric Tea

Roobois & Vanilla Turmeric Tea


Rocks Cordials

Organic Orange Squash

Organic Lemon Squash

Organic Blackcurrant Squash


Belvoir Cordials

Elderflower Cordial



Organic Oat Milk

Barista Oat Milk

Oat Cream



Almond Milk

Cashew Milk



Soya Milk - unsweetened


Just Natural Organic

Banana Chips

Unsulphured Apricots

Pitted Dates

Juice Infused Cranberries

Goji Berries



Hemp Seeds Hulled

Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Omega Seed Mix

Linseeds – golden

Linseeds - brown

Almonds – whole



Brazils – whole

Jumbo Oats

Porridge Oats

Oatmeal – fine

Oatmeal – coarse

Wheat Bran

Red Split Lentils

Quinoa – gluten free


Raw Cacoa Powder

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Powder

Coconut Sugar


Tree of Life

Red Dried Kidney Beans


Primrose’s Kitchen

Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli

Raw Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Muesli

Pear & Apricot Bircher

Orange & Cashew Granola



Cacao Nibs – small

Cacao Nibs - small


Coconut Merchant

Organic Coconut Oil – 500ml (large)

Organic Coconut Oil – 300ml (small)


Total Sweet

Xylitol – large

Xylitol – small



Engevita – brown pot

Engevita B12 – blue pot

Vegan Bouillon – low salt (brown pot)

Vegan Bouillon (purple pot)



Coconut Milk – tins

Chickpeas – glass jar

Brown Rice Miso – large jar

Brown Rice Miso – small jar

Frying Oil – 500ml

Tamari Soy Sauce

Rice Cakes – lightly salted

Rice Cakes – unsalted

Rice Cakes – wholegrain



Herbamare Original - large

Herbamare Spicy – small



Maple Syrup

Light Tahini

Almond Butter

Cashew Butter

Peanut Butter – smooth

Peanut Butter – crunchy

Cocoa Hazelnut Butter



Agave Syrup



Milled Flaxseeds (Blue Packet)

Milled Flaxseeds, Sunflower Seed & Pumpkin Seeds (Green Packet)


Dorset Nectar & Ostlers

Dorset Nectar Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) – 500ml

Ostlers Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) – 750ml



Organic Olive Oil – 500ml

Balsamic Vinegar


Pure Dorset Honey

Raw, minimally filtered pure honey


Bio-D Household Products

Washing Up Liquid – unscented

Washing Up Liquid – scented (grapefruit)

Laundry Liquid – Unscented

Laundry Liquid – Lavender

Laundry Liquid – Juniper

Fabric Conditioner – Unscented

Fabric Conditioner – Lavender

Fabric Conditioner – Juniper

Bathroom Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

All Purpose Sanitiser

Handwash – Geranium

Handwash – Lime & Aloe Vera

Handwash – Unscented


Bio-D Refill Station

Laundry Liquid – Unscented

Fabric Conditioner – Unscented

Fabric Conditioner – Lavender

Washing Up Liquid – Unscented

Washing Up Liquid – Grapefruit

Sanitising Hand Wash – Unscented

Sanitising Hand Was – Geranium


Please make sure your bottles are clean, dry and fit for purpose (e.g. we will not fill a milk bottle with fabric conditioner).

We reserve the right to refuse filling up your bottles if we feel they are not suitable for the product to be used and / or they are not clean enough.

These measures are to avoid cross contamination. Thank You.


Skincare, Bodycare & Haircare


Aloe Dent

Triple Action Toothpaste (without fluoride)

Sensitive Toothpaste (without fluoride)

Whitening Toothpaste (without fluoride)


Bodhi & Birch

Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Gel

Ylang Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Gel

Siam Ginger Bath & Shower Gel

Mint Thé Bath & Shower Gel

Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Gel

Camomile Sky Bath & Shower Therapy

Pep Noir Bath & Shower Therapy

Botanical Dew Hand & Body Wash

Flora Paradiso Body Oil

Ginger Brew Body Oil

Lime Blossom Hand Oil

Super 25 Facial Serum

Desert Rose Facial Oil


Bloom Remedies

Daily Revive Moisturiser

Daily Replenish Moisturiser

Daily Cream Cleanser


Child’s Farm (Children’s Bodycare)



Hair Detangler

Bubble Bath

Hair & Bodywash

Body Moisturiser



Fresh Therapies

Natural Nail Polish Remover

Natural Nail Polish Remover Wipes


Gerlinde Naturals

Revive Facial Oil


Green People


Neutral Cleanser – 150ml

Neutral Anti Ageing 24 hour Cream

Day Solution Moisturiser

Vit Min Fix Moisturiser



SPF 15 Day Solution Moisturiser

Suncream SPF 30 – 200ml

Suncream SPF 15 – 200ml


Herbal Harmony

Patchouli & Orange Shower Gel

Lavender Shower Gel

Gardener’s Handwash

Gardener’s Hand Cream

Mint & Eucalyptus Soap

May Chang & Lemon Soap

Geranium Soap

Lavender Soap

Neutral Lip Balm

Spearmint Lip Balm

Citrus Lip Balm

Rose Lip Gloss

Ginger Lip Gloss

Hibiscus Lip Gloss


Humble Brush

Medium Bamboo Toothbrush

Soft Bamboo Toothbrush


Jack ‘n Jill (Children’s Dental Products)

Toothbrush – Teether Set

Toothbrush – Koala

Toothbrush – Hippo

Storage Cup – Hippo

Storage Cup - Koala


Konjac Sponges

Original – all skin types

Green Clay – combination skins

Red Clay – mature & dry skin

Pink Clay – dry & devitalised skin



Skincare & Bodycare:

Beauty Balm – scented (original)

Marshmallow & Calendula Balm

Body Butter

Calendula Cream – small

Zinc & Calendula Cream – small

Zinc & Calendula Cream – large


Gift Sets:

Hot Cloth Cleanser Flannel Pack – contains 5 flannels and 5 muslin clothes

Natural Skincare Set – Beauty Balm Zinc & Calendula Cream, Flannel & Muslin Facecloth

Face & Body Natural Skincare Set – Beauty Balm, Body Butter, Flannel & Muslin Facecloth

Hot Cloth Cleansing Revitalising Kit – Beauty Balm, Flannel & Muslin Facecloth

Try Oil Cleansing Kit – Mini Beauty Balm & Muslin Cloth


OV Naturals

Vital Facial Oil – 10ml

Serene Facial Oil – 10ml


Organic Surge

Facial Wash


Scent Trail

Geranium Soap

Lavender & Patchouli Soap



SPF 25 Sunscreen – large tin

SPF 25 Sunscreen – small tin


Health & Wellbeing Products


Absolute Aromas

Essential Oil Blends






Room Sprays




Essential Oils – Individual


Clary Sage

Clove Bud

Eucalyptus – Radiata


Geranium – Egyptian




May Chang


Roman Chamomile


Tea Tree


Aloe Pura

Aloe Vera Gel – 100ml

Aloe Vera Gel – 200ml


Amour Naturals

Grapeseed Oil – 50ml

Sweet Almond Oil – 50ml

Coconut Oil (light) – 100ml

Castor Oil – 100ml

Jojoba Oil – 50ml

Rosehips Oil – 50ml

Neem Oil – 100ml



Atrogel Arnica Gel – 50ml

Atrogel Arnica Gel – 100ml


Bach Rescue

Rescue Remedy – 10ml

Rescue Remedy Night – 10ml


Bloom Remedies

Serenity Slumber Sleep Mist

Serenity Slumber Pulse Point Roll-On

Serenity Slumber Essential Oil Blend

Serenity Slumber Sleep Gift Set


Helios Homoeopathic

Arnica Cream

Calendula Cream

Graphites Cream

Hypericum & Calendula Cream

Rhus Tox Cream

Tea Tree Cream

Urtical Cream



Calendula Cream – small

Calendula Cream – large

Zinc & Calendula Cream – small

Zinc & Calendula Cream - large


Saskia’s Flower Essences

Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

Calm & Confident

Emotional Relief

Focus, Energise, Create

Sexy & Gorgeous

Shock Release

Speaking with Confidence

Strength & Support


Supplements, Herbal Remedies, Homoepathic Remedies, Superfoods


A.Vogel (Bioforce)

Echinaforce Echinacea Drops – 50ml

Echinaforce Echinacea Forte Tablets

Echinaforce Echinacea Lozenges

Echinaforce Echinacea & Elderberry Hot Drink

Cough Spray

Bronchosan Cough Syrup

Bronchoforce Cough Tincture

Menoforce Sage Tablet

Menosan Sage Tincture

Agnus Castus Tincture

Devil’s Claw Tincture

Atrosan Devil’s Claw Tablets

Pollinsan Homeopathic Hayfever Tablets

Luffa Complex Tincture

Pollinsan Luffa Nasal Spray

Milk Thistle Tincture

Artichoke Tincture

Domesan Sleep Tincture

Sinuforce Nasal Spray

Moisturising Eye Drops

Silicol Gel



Vitamin B12 Spray

Vitamin D Spray – 400iu (children’s)

Vitamin D Spray – 1000iu

Vitamin D Spray – 3000iu

Magnesium Flakes – 1 Kilo

Magnesium Original Spray

Magnesium Sensitive Spray

Magnesium Joint Spray

Magnesium Gel



Advanced Multi Strain Live Bacteria



Wholefood Multi – 60 capsules

50+ Multi Vitamin & Mineral – 60 capsules

Cyto-Zyme Digestive Enzymes

Sacchromyces Boulardii – 30 capsules

Acidophilus Plus


Antioxidant Plus


Cherry C

Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids

Organic Kelp

Pure Slippery Elm

Milk Thistle

Thyroid Suppport

5-HTP Plus

Biofood Magnesium

Magnesium Citrate

Wholefood Zinc

Wholefood Calcium

B12 Sublingual Tablets

Vitamin D


Honey Bee Propolis

Glucosamine HCI

Evening Primrose Oil

Omega 3 Fish Oils



Fushi Wellbeing

Chaste Tree (Agnus Castus) Capsules


Green Origins

Baobab Powder

Barleygrass Powder

Chia Seeds

Hemp Protein Powder

Maca Powder

Spirulina Powder

Wheatgrass Powder


Helios Homoeopathic

Aconite 30c

Apis 30c

Arnica 30c

Arnica 200c

Arsenicum 30c

Belladona 30c

Bryonia 30c

Chamomilla 30c

Gelsemium 30c

Hypericum 30c

Hypericum 200c

Ledum 30c

Lycopodium 30c

Mag Phos 30c

Natrium Mur 30c

Nux Vomica 30c

Pulsatilla 30c

Rhus tox 30c


Just Natural

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husk Powder

Raw Cacao Powder


Practitioner Supplies

Slippery Elm Powder


Together Health

Wholefood Turmeric & Curcumin Capsules



Cacao Nibs – small pack

Cacao Nibs – large pack


Wild Nutrition

Daily Multi Nutrient Woman

Daily Multi Nutrient Woman 45+

Daily Multi Nutrient Men

Daily Multi Nutrient Men 45+

Botanical Complex

Multi Strain Biotic Powder - Adult

Multi Strain Biotic Powder - Children

Digestive Enzymes

KSM-66 Ashwaganda Plus

Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids

B Complex Plus


Vitamin D

Zinc Plus

Iron Plus