Ben and Vicky Lyons run Lyonsleaf from their smallholding on the Mendip Hills. Lyonsleaf originally grew food and herbs, selling produce to local restaurants and herb plants at farmers markets.

In 2010, having made their skincare products as a hobby for many years they naturally progressed to selling them on their market stalls. In a very short space of time their skincare products took off. They were delighted that people would try a tester, wander off and reappear half an hour later to buy. Ben and Vicky were also amazed to have many customers telling them that they had worked wonders for their eczema and psoriasis. They knew they were onto something good, however, they didn’t really understand why at the time.

Just a few years later and after a lot of hard work, Lyonsleaf have a small, but perfectly formed range of 100% natural products, and in 2014 won their first skincare awards - a silver and gold from the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

Now that they really understand about ingredients, they know that their water-free approach (the only way to safely create 100% natural products) delivers a huge quantity of beneficial compounds, vitamins and antioxidants. They also understand that only choosing cold pressed, unrefined oils and cold blending them maximises their benefits.

Now that they understand skin function, they know that water-free is actually the most effective way to hydrate and protect the skin and they have learned how to choose just the right oils to create formulations with just the right fatty acid balance, refining their original recipes to award winning standards.