Our Ethos

Our mission at Sophia’s Choice is to empower you to make wiser, healthier, more conscious choices for both yourself and your family, which in turn will help you stay healthy from the inside out.

We live in an ever changing, at times high stressful world, so finding ways which help us minimise that impact on our lives is really important. What we put on and into our bodies has a huge bearing on how we feel, so here at Sophia’s Choice we want to help you along your holistic journey by offering you a range of products for the whole family which are as much as possible natural, organic and nourishing.

The demand for natural, organic and eco-friendly products is growing all the time, particularly in the area of skincare and bodycare. What we put onto our bodies has the potential to be absorbed through the skin. Therefore being mindful of what products we use and what ingredients they contain, is very important.

Here at Sophia’s Choice we are passionate about bringing you a tried and trusted range of natural, organic and nourishing products for the whole family. I have personally chosen the products we stock and as a family we have tried and tested many of the products within each range. This is really important to me. I want to understand the products I’m selling and more importantly I want to be able to advise you as to which products may best suit your individual needs if you require that help.

Our Product Selection Policy

We have a very clear selection process here at Sophia’s Choice for the products and brands we choose:

  • We will only stock a brand once we have “tried and tested” one or more of the products within their range, whether that be skincare, bodycare or nutritional supplements.

  • No animal testing. All our products and their ingredients must be cruelty free.

  • No harsh synthetic ingredients and preservatives including parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, artificial colour, artificial fragrance, and genetically modified ingredients.

  • All products chosen are scented using either essential oils or naturally derived fragrance. If you see the word ‘parfum’ on our website, this refers to either a blend of essential oils or a naturally derived fragrance not a synthetic one.

  • We will always list full ingredients for our products, not just “key ingredients”. It’s important you know what’s in your products so you can make an informed choice particularly if you have allergies to certain foods or ingredients.

  • Beyond this, we will always strive to choose the best natural products we can find using the finest ingredients Mother Nature provided.

Passionate About Natural Teen Skincare

I’m very passionate about natural teen skincare and will strive to grow a comprehensive teen’s section here at Sophia’s Choice. I suffered badly with acne as a teenager and looking back wish there had been the choice in natural skincare we have today. Perhaps my struggle and emotional journey with my skin may not have been such a difficult one. I therefore want to offer a range of natural teen skincare that is right for their needs and is effective at dealing with hormonal breakouts so common at this age. Over time, I aim to build this section of our website to include some great brands and products.

Supporting Artisan Brands

My other love is supporting smaller, artisan brands. There are many fabulous natural and organic products being produced by passionate artisans who truly believe in their craft. Some are award winning and are giving the more mainstream brands a run for their money. I champion that and want to bring you an eclectic mix of smaller, wholesome brands as well as some of the more mainstream ones. It’s always worth checking back to see who we’ve brought on board the Sophia’s Choice family.

Choosing Only High Quality Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements are not all made equal and here at Sophia’s Choice we have made the decision to only stock supplements of the highest quality. We stock food state vitamins and minerals which have a better absorbency rate by the body as they are seen as food and utilised more efficiently. We also stock a high quality range of super foods and natural supplements with purity and natural ingredients being the core of their philosophy.