Our teenage years can be a stressful time as hormones kick in and our bodies, as well as our skin changes.

Outbreaks of spots and oily areas are common place so here at Sophia's Choice we've chosen a range of natural skincare products which harness the nourishing and cleansing properties young, teenage skin needs without losing their unique appeal.

Our teenager range of skincare will evolve and grow over time so it's worth popping back from time to time for new additions. Natural and organic skincare for teenagers is an area we feel passionate about here at Sophia's Choice. We don't want you to be an after thought, we want you to stand out and be counted.

In addition to our targeted skincare range for teenagers, we offer a fabulous range of bodycare products including natural deodorants specifically made for young, delicate skin which are still effective and smell great. Shower gels, body lotions, lip balms and much more. We really hope you'll feel the main focus whilst shopping with us.