Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition combines pioneering Food-Grown® and whole food ingredients to create highly bio-available, bespoke food supplements that are both gender and life stage specific. All their products are developed with expertise in nutritional medicine combined with years of clinical experience. Many food supplement companies use synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients. This is just as it sound’s; a nutrient found in nature is isolated from the food or plant that it is found in, then synthetically reproduced and processed into a tablet or capsule. There are a number of versions of this method (amino acid chelates, citrates, and carbonates for example) but they all carry the same integral flaws, they are both synthetic and isolated.

All Wild Nutrition’s Food-Grown® nutrients are bonded in a genuine food complex such as citrus, carrot, cabbage, alfalfa, bakers yeast or probiotic yoghurt thereby providing each vitamin with its ‘team mates’. All their Food-Grown® products have the added benefit of naturally providing phytonutrients including beta-glucans, amino-acids, B vitamins and the antioxidant glutathione.